Cobra Tournament Treble Hooks


Sticky Icky Icky. Introducing the some of the sharpest and sturdiest hooks on market. The BassMooch Cobra Tournament Treble Hooks are your go to hooks for up fitting your crankbaits, squarebills, jerkbaits, and swimbaits. You can best believe that these hooks will deliver superior hookup ratios that are stemmed from the Cobra's super sharp, high carbon steel, and round treble hook design. These Cobras will surely increase your hookup ratios and keep those hogs hooked up without frame bend for you to boat flip big momma into the boat! Don't settle for those crappy stock hooks that are made with cheap frame steel. Get the best with these Cobra Tournament Treble Hooks and get Ole Tina to the ramp to cash some checks!

  • Engineered With Super High Quality Carbon Steel
  • Incredible Strength & Durability
  • Super Sharp Points For Increased Hook-Up Ratios
  • Round Bend Treble Hook Design
  • 6 Pack