Designed to be the one of the most versatile soft plastic baits you can throw - the name says it all. It could be (hint hint) used for just about anything! Fish it on a forward facing sonar with a ned rig, swim head, drop shot, or as a trailer for a bladed jig or spinnerbait - the possibilities are endless with the BassMooch Baits Kud-B! This bait delivers amazing action in the water that big ole' Tina can't resist with the super slinkey ribbed body and flattened tapered tail. 

  • Powerful Attractant Scent
  • Great Forward Facing Sonar Bait
  • Can Be Used In A Variety of Applications
  • Fully Ribbed Slinky Body
  • Flattened Tapered Tail
  • 4" Long
  • 8 Pack