Shooter Worm


Line it up and shoot em down with the BassMooch Baits Shooter Worm! This 6 inch meat stick of a worm was designed for swimming through grass, hydrilla, pads, or any other type cover of your choosing. It can also be fished on the top by burning it or dragging ledges with a carolina rig. The tail kicks and swims with ease and displaces just enough water to get the attention of those monster bass! This swim tail worm features larger girth profile and unique ribless main body with a ribbed head and lower end. Fish it with a bullet weight and hold on to your rod!

  • Powerful Attractant Scent
  • Swimming Tail Action
  • Ribless Main Body
  • Ribbed Head & Lower End
  • Large Girth
  • 6" Long
  • 8 pack