Xhing Line - Kitana PE 8x Braided Line - Green


Whether you are slugging monster tanks out of the brush, through laydowns, on topwater, chucking an A-Rig or any other braided fishing application - you can  rely on the new Kitana PE 8x Braid fishing line from Xhing Line to get those hogs in the boat and cash some checks. The Kitana PE blend delivers exceptional strength and durability with a super high abrasion resistant fibers utilizing Japanese technology with near zero memory. Engineered with high fiber   polyethylene fibers to create longer distance casts and smooth spooling, you can count on Kitana Braid to land those mommas!

  • Superior Strength & Durability
  • Japanese Technology
  • High Abrasion Resistant PE Fibers
  • Longer Casting Ability
  • Near Zero Memory
  • Smooth Finish
  • 8x PE Strand Blend
  • 300 Yard Spool